Best Popular Hair Models for Your Face Shapes

April 1, 2019

Many people think cut the hair is one part of the process of get rid of bad luck. Even though you want to follow the trend, first make sure the hair model you want is in accordance with the shape of your face!

  1. Long Layer



So that your long hair looks more healthy and fresh, try giving a layer. This hairstyle is suitable for all forms of face, you know. So beautiful ladies!

  1. Shaggy Long


Shaggy is a classic piece that has been hits for a long time. In 2019, Shaggy feels like it’s going to be trending back. The shaggy model that is being hit is shaggy long. Shaggy length is also suitable for all face shapes. So cute right!

  1. Angled Pixie


Unlike the pixie hair style that was too short, the pixie with this angle framed your face more firmly. Your hair is not too short so you can still give it a side edge. This pixel is perfect for you with a round face with a short neck. Your face will look like you have an angle and your neck will look longer.

  1. Long Pixie


If you have not dared to cut your hair short, try this one hairstyle hits! Long Pixie still gives a softer and safer edgy impression. This hairstyle suits you with a heart shaped face. A long bangs can cover your forehead which tends to be wide, and the length of your hair is just right to highlight the jawbone sweetly. It’s so sweet!

  1. Bob


Hits in 2018, in 2019 bob remains the classic choice of women. If you have thin hair, this bob model will make your hair look thicker. This short bob is suitable for you with an oval face. This hairstyle is very easy to arrange.

  1. Long Bob with Bangs


Hairstyles with bangs will be the trend in 2019! The classic look of long bob with bangs will still be a hit. With the right piece of bangs, your face will be sweet. This hair is perfect for you with a box face. So graceful right!

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