Brown Skin Makeup Tricks to Look Beautiful

Brown skin can also look beautiful and exotic if you can process it well. Femalinea will provide some makeup tips so you can understand and know how to apply the right makeup. Check it out!

  1. Choose the right foundation


When choosing foundation, try on the neck select three types of colors that most closely resemble your skin color. Avoid using foundation with colors that are too bright, because this can make your face strip between the face and the neck and resemble a mask. Apply a thin foundation to get natural results.

  1. Avoid using matte makeup products


Matte products will make the face of brown skin look dull and look more oil. Use more creamer products to create a dewy and fresh face.

  1. Apply foundation with a clean sponge


Apply your foundation using a clean and dry sponge. Make sure before installing the foundation, you have applied a moisturizer to your face so you can ‘lock in’ the hydration of your skin.

  1. Choose the right powder for your skin


To brighten up your face that you have given foundation, you need the right powder that is most suitable for you is a powder or translucent powder that will make your face fresh and brighter.

  1. Apply primer before you apply eyeshadow


You can use all kinds of eyeshadow colors. For example dark brown, silver, or bronze which can still be selected. But if you dare to use brighter colors like pink or peach it also doesn’t hurt because it will make your eyes more radiant.

  1. Avoid brownish blush-on


Avoid using brown and nude colors because this will make the skin look dull. If you want your face to look brighter, try a pink blush-on. You can also choose blush-on with a little shimmer to make your skin look more glow and exotic.

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