Most Popular Earrings Types that Loved by Women

April 1, 2019

Earrings consist of various types. Not only necklaces or rings, earrings are also a favorite accessories for the girls to complete their appearance. Earrings consist of various shapes with various patterns and colors. Here are some of the most chosen earrings for girls.

  1. Drop Earrings


We already know from the name that the shape of this earring dangles long down. However, it is also possible if there are short drop earrings. Drop earrings can make you look more feminine, elegant and luxurious.

  1. Classic Studs


If this type of earrings is very familiar among women of any age. Classic studs are the best choice if you want to look minimalist but still look feminine and elegant.

  1. Hoop


Another name for hoop earrings is Congo earrings and claimed to be the first earrings made by humans. The shape is different, but if you look, there is one thing in common, namely in the form of a circle.

  1. Chandelier


At a glance, chandelier earrings are similar to drop earrings. Only, the conical shape at the top and consists of several layering makes the chandelier a little different from the drop earrings. In addition, chandeliers are also usually larger and longer in size, giving a modern impression to your appearance.

  1. Ear Jackets


Basically, ear jackets are modified classic studs where the earrings are in the back and the stud is in front. Uniquely, ear jackets can be tweaked as you see fit.

  1. Cluster


This type of earrings is still in the stud earrings category. It’s just that, in one composition, clusters are composed of several gemstones. This gemstone is of course present in different sizes, colors and shapes.

  1. Cuff Earrings


If you are looking for unique earrings, maybe the cuff earrings can be the right choice. These earrings stick to almost all parts of the earlobe, starting from the top to the bottom. So cute right!

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