Smart Ways to Look Cool with Tuck Style

April 1, 2019

Now tuck-style has become a fashion trend. You can look cool in this fashion tuck style. If you often pay attention to the fashion style of public figures, you will see various tuck-styles everywhere. They combine tuck-style with cardigans, jeans, t-shirts, in various ways. Here are some inspirations to look cool with tuck fashion style that you can imitate.

  1. Mullet Tuck



You simply insert the front of your shirt, and leave the back of the shirt removed. The impression is, you look more relaxed!

  1. Double Tuck


Double Tuck is quite unique. You can also put a shirt and jumpers at once. One stylish person said this method can make users appear slimmer.

  1. Smug tuck


Inserting a thick knitted shirt into a skirt can make you not miss the latest trends. In one of the men’s fashion show titles some time ago, a man looked cool by tucking a puffa jacket into his pants.

  1. Viennetta tuck


Viennetta tuck is one of the full tuck styles that is more gender neutral. This tuck style is cooler combined with oversized clothes. So cute right!

  1. Hoodie tuck


From Vetements to Juicy Couture to Zara, hoodies did not take too many roles in the past two seasons. So, don’t throw away your favorite hoodie, just enter it.

  1. Navel tuck


You can slip your shirt just below the navel with this navel tuck style. This can make you look taller. This style is solution for you who have short body.

  1. Low Tuck


This Low Tuck from Victoria Beckham can be your inspiration when stylish. You only need low-cut trousers and an extended top, before you slip it in!

  1. Mushroom Tuck


Mushroom Tuck is a style that use bigger top. You can look cool use a knitted shirt or hoodie. It’s so amazing guys!

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