Stunning Appearances on Beach with Amazing Bikinis

April 1, 2019

When choosing a bikini, don’t just pay attention to the model, you also have to prioritize the comfort factor. This time Femalinea will give a number of recommendations for a beautiful bikini that will accompany your vacation on the beach. Bikini is often a favorite choice for many girls. The diverse model and being able to accentuate the most attractive side of the body might be the reason many loyal women wear a bikini when they want to go to the beach or swimming pool.

  1. Black, sexy colors for all outfit models


Black seems to be the safest color choice for any outfit. This color can highlight your sensual and mysterious side. Not to mention if you choose a bikini that has a decorative element in the thigh area.

  1. Strapless bikini with big ribbon


For those of you who are accustomed to using strapless bra or dress, you definitely feel comfortable when wearing a strapless bikini. Super sexy and suitable for girls who like to look girly.

  1. Bikini patterned nature


Leaf and flower motifs can create a sweet impression for your bikini. Natural colors like this can also make you look brighter. Decorative straps on the chest area are also the most interesting parts of your bikini.

  1. More sexy with lace trim


Lace trim is the most common decoration found in underwear and bikinis. This decoration has a very sensual feel, and auto makes you sexier.

  1. Alloy bright colors


Do not hesitate to use bikinis with bright colors blend. Your appearance will look fresher and cheerful.

  1. Use contrast colors, why not?


Who said that bikinis and subordinates must always match? You can also choose a bikini with a contrasting color or top and subordinate motif. Don’t worry, you will still look cute.

  1. High waist bikini for vintage style


In the 1950’s high waist bikini models were often used by women who wanted to look relaxed while on the beach, but still polite. You can also choose this one bikini model if you want to be more comfortable without complicated thinking about waxing.

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