Women’s Fashion Style Inspirations from European

Europeans have a more elegant and classy fashion style than Americans. Fashion lovers prefer the style of French and Swedish people in dressing because they like to wear uniform dressing and can still look relaxed. Here’s the inspiration for dress from Europeans who made them the best-dressed people in the world.

  1. Simple and fit fashion style


To display the impression of femininity, Europeans prefer to wear clothes that fit the body. Their clothes are not too tight to seem cheap, but not too big to make the body sink. Clothes sold in Europe seem simple, but still look expensive and elegant.

  1. Always choose natural colors


In contrast to the styles of Asians who prefer bright and pastel colors, Europeans are a little careful about the color of their clothes. Northern Europeans are known to like neutral colors such as black, white, navy, or beige.

  1. Skinny jeans is a priority


Although the trend of harem pants was booming in Indonesia and America, but not in Europe. Instead of wearing mom jeans or joggers, Europeans are more comfortable showing their slender legs and levels with skinny jeans.

  1. Stay fashionable at home


At home, women always wear jeans, cut pieces, bray, complete with boots at home, or summer dress. While men look edgy with maroon or green jeans.

  1. Always use the best


Europeans always buy clothes that are suitable for any occasion. They look fashionable to the office from just wearing blouses and jeans, to elegant with their black dresses. Europeans never keep their best clothes just because they don’t feel right to be used in one event.

  1. Quality VS quantity


In contrast to Americans who have to store their shoes for up to 3 cabinets, the number of shoes for Europeans can be counted in one cupboard.

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