Best Fashion Mix and Match with Straw Bag

Straw bag has been booming last year, but the fans are still very much. The uniqueness and impression of ethnicity produced is able to attract many people. Simple straw tote bags or a few accessories can support the appearance. This display can produce effortless casual vibes. Next, match solid straw bags with all outfits that can make the appearance more confident.

  1. Blazer


Do you want to hang out with an edgy look then mix a crop top with jeans. Use a bag with a simpler appearance if the outfit you wear is a lot of accessories. So that your appearance does not seem excessive.

  1. Crop top


Mix and match with skinny jeans and shirts with overlapped layers will make you look beautiful for hangouts with friends or couples. Moreover, carrying a unique woven bag will make you look even sweeter.

  1. Skinny jeans and shirts


Woven handbag combined with this one-color jumpsuit will look sweet when worn for casual occasions. Wear strappy sandals to give the impression of being edgy.

  1. Jumpsuit


This woven bag can also be worn for formal events. For example: to attend an official banquet or wedding reception. Mixing a small straw bag with a few accessories adds a sweet appearance. Wear lace outer combined with pencil pants or dress.

  1. White chic


Work clothes feel boring? So try carrying a knitting bag with a work setting of one dominant color or dark, so it will make a different style. This equivalent will make the look of a unique twist on the pajama look.

  1. Pajamas look


If you are bored with a certain style, don’t make you a victim of fashion so you have to throw away your clothes. The correct mix max will make your appearance feel new even with the latest fashion modes.

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