Best Makeup Inspirations for Fall/Winter 2019

Not only about clothing, the runway stage is always a source of style inspiration. The collaboration of various makeup artists and fashion houses in this popular event can be ammunition to find makeup trends that will be popular in the future. Take it easy, ladies! Femalinea has selected a number of Fall / Winter makeup displays 2019 that are suitable for you.

  1. Natural Complexion


No need to use super thick base to cover the lack of face. Owners of dark skin, brownish, yellowish and pale can display their own characteristics. So beautiful right!

  1. Disco Eyes


Light blips can always steal attention. Especially to decorate the look of the face that indeed tends to ‘keep quiet’ later this year. That is why the use of glitter, pearly and shimmery textures will be easier for you to meet. So perfect!

  1. 60’s Vibes


The atmosphere of the 60’s is evident in the blend of mod colors, eyes made to look more round, Twiggy-style eyeliner, and lashes that look like dolls. To be modern, you don’t need to use black eyeliner but combine shades of purple and pink.

  1. Play Safe


In addition to various makeup techniques and bold colors, this season you can use feminine and fresh colors like pink, orange, bronze, and nude. The combination of one color eyeshadow is more desirable because it is practical.

  1. Sharp Eyes


The use of eyeliner is always suitable to be applied to Asian women. Not only using black, but you can use exciting color eyeliner like orange, blue, or green. So shining right!

  1. Power Lip


This season, there are various red colors that can be used ranging from red chili to dramatic maroon. You can also apply only mascara or eyeliner so that the color of the red lipstick is more lit. Less is more!

  1. Dark Lip


You can try playing with super-dark lipstick colors. You can use one matte or glossy color on your makeup. Or, you can also use the Ombre technique. So rock guys!

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