Best Women’s Beauty Trends in 2019

Various trends began to appear at the beginning of 2019, not least in the world of beauty. Well, even though the trend continues to spin, here are some things from the world of beauty that are predicted to be a trend in 2019:

  1. Gray hair


Yup, say hore for gray! This year you don’t have to bother covering your gray hair, because gray hair — or white — naturally will become a trend this year. Letting that silver shine through.

  1. Baby bangs or micro bangs


If you want to look different in this year, you can try changing your hairstyle by cutting bangs. You can try to choose baby bangs or micro bangs which are popular in this year.

  1. All glossy


If matte lipstick had dominated in previous years, glossy sundries would actually be a trend this year. A touch of makeup products with a glossy finish on the lips and eyelids will make you look fresher.

  1. Almond nails


Then, what about the nail art trend? Yup, for this year’s manicure trend reportedly almond nails will be one of them. The shape of a nail with a rounded tip resembling almonds.

  1. Lilac color


Although this year’s color trends according to Pantone are coral, lilac colors will also be a trend, especially in hair. The color of pastel lilac hair will continue to develop into a trend.

  1. Witch hazel content


This one plant is believed to contain many compounds with anti-inflammatory properties.

  1. Bright lipstick


If previously neutral nude lipstick dominates, it seems different from this year. The bold red lip will again steal the attention.

  1. Polyhydroxy Acids (PHA)


The next generation of AHA is PHA or Polyhydroxy Acids. Skincare containing PHA is believed to be effective in removing dead skin cells and is suitable for use by those of you who have dry and sensitive skin.

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