Best Women’s Outfit Inspirations Use White Shirt

White shirts include classic fashion items that are owned by almost every woman. This shirt is always needed even in certain conditions. For weekend events like now, usually you already have an event going with your partner, your friends, or even with family. Here are some outfit inspirations using white shirts.

  1. Blazer


Choose a blazer with a different color to complement your white shirt. By wearing a brightly colored blazer, pastel or even black, you will definitely see your appearance with a more fashionable white shirt.

  1. Ripped Jeans


Ripped jeans are suitable to wear with your white shirt. Subordinates like this will add to your appearance at a more interesting weekend.

  1. Leather Jacket


Classic impression but still timeless. Pair your white shirt with a black leather jacket like this. Suitable also worn during the rainy season like now, so that the body stays warm.

  1. Outer Motif


You can also mix and match outer stripes with your white shirt. Or with other outer motives that you have. This display will make you more stylish for the event this weekend.

  1. Culottes Pants


If you wear a Hijab, you can wear patterned culottes or bright colors. Can also add a short-sleeved outer so that it doesn’t look plain later.

  1. Patterned Skirts


Are you bored with jeans? Pair your white shirt with a brightly colored long skirt, or a pattern skirt. Your appearance will look more fashionable and feminine.

  1. Add Accessories


Wear accessories like your favorite stapless necklaces, bracelets and watches. These accessories will add to your dressing style more relaxed but still elegant.

  1. Use Bags or Shoes with Bright Color


If you do not want to add a blazer, outer, or any other accessories, you should wear bags and shoes with bright colors.

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