Most Popular Street Style Inspirations for Women

Not only watch the updated trends from the runway, but the most popular trend of fashion icons and street style stars is also a must. The fashion week collection is now a source of inspiration for outfits. What fashion items and trends are the highlights of the New York Fashion Week show goers this week? Let’s find out!

  1. Checked Check


Plaid motifs are skyrocketing so it is one of the biggest trends for Fall. Clothing with a more versatile style is present in these plaid patterns. Ranging from suits, midi skirts with chic wrinkle details, to asymmetrical detail blouses also exist.

  1. Color Splash


Bright colors that adorn the hot streets of New York in the fashion week Spring this time can’t be said to be relaxed. All street style stars look like this trend, including millennial pink.

  1. White Boots


Footwear is also one of the most sought after street style photographers. This one accessory definitely supports the total look of the fashion lovers. White boots appear on the streets of New York during the week’s fashion week.

  1. Flower Power


Who says the trend of floral motifs has been abandoned? This time the trend dress with a sprinkling of beautiful floral motifs is also a favorite of showy goers on the streets of New York. These floral dresses are more stylish, with detailed cut-outs to dramatic wrinkles.

  1. Oversized is Everything


Great clothes are very IN now! The bigger the shirt (until the jacket) becomes more stylish to look. Must observe how these street style stars combine blouse and oversized blazers with boots, super chic!

  1. Uniform Jumpsuit


This jumpsuit with a uniform accent is also one of the most comfortable and trendy outfits on the streets of New York fashion week. Gigi Hadid also looks super stylish wearing this utility jumpsuit with a mix of black slippers as an off-duty style.

  1. Cold Shoulder


Trend showing off shoulders is still loved. The proof is that there are still many street style stars who show off their shoulders with open detail dresses to wear jackets that fall next to their shoulder

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