Types of Men’s Jeans that You Must Know

Jeans are fashion item that must be owned by men. Easy to mix and match, jeans can instantly make casual looks look cool. The following are some types of jeans that you can choose according to your body shape.

  1. Loose Fit Jeans


This type provides leeway. Does not feel tight in the thighs, these jeans provide comfort for them with large thighs, hips, or bones. This jeans is durable to wear.

  1. Slim Fit Jeans


Don’t be afraid to wear slim fit jeans. If you are thin, these jeans will look like the shape of your foot. These pants are best used with shirts that are also slim fit and not oversized.

  1. Regular Fit Jeans


Regular fit jeans have a straight shape from the hips to the thighs. The tip of this jeans is also wide so it is very comfortable to wear. Regular fit jeans suitable for use by those of you who are not too thin and do not have large bones.

  1. Skinny Fit Jeans


There must be many who are familiar with this type of jeans. Skinny fit jeans are tight jeans from the waist to the ankles. This jeans is suitable for those of you who have a thin body.

  1. Tapered Fit Jeans



This type of jeans is the one that is currently being hit. Its comfortable and loose shape on the thighs makes the wearer look more stylish. Men with big waist and thighs are very suitable to wear these jeans.

  1. Relaxed Fit Jeans



These jeans are ideal for men with bigger thighs because they have extra comfort. Loose on the waist and thighs, the shape of the relaxed fit jeans prevents you from sweating.

  1. Stretch Fit Jeans


The shape is straight but can still follow the shape of the foot without feeling too tight, making stretch fit jeans the choice of most people. This type of jeans is suitable for all body shapes. You can combine it with plain shirts for a classic look.

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