Modern Fashion Bag Inspirations for Men

Not only students or workers who use bags, but very many bag users make bags as “fashion accessories” to complement their outfits. Now the function of the bag starts to be sought from its aesthetic side and not only in terms of its usefulness. Here are some types of bags that can maximize your appearance.

  1. Backpack


Backpack is one of the classic styles of men’s bags and even the most favorite bag style ever. Backpacks or backpacks are very popular among all people based on age, gender, or usability.

  1. Swimming bag


Slingbag can be used on the chest or on the back. Generally one strapped slingbag but for some models like this, it has an adjustable strap so that it can be used as a slingbag with one strap or a backpack with a double strap.

  1. Urban State Medium Buckle Slingbag


This style bag is usually made of canvas or nylon which is not easily torn to help deliver goods. But now most models of these bags are issued with leather both genuine leather and synthetic leather.

  1. Messenger bag


Messenger bag is a classic men’s bag style that is used by means of being slung over the shoulder. This style is called messenger bag because at first the couriers used this bag to deliver documents. This bag is usually modeled on the flap in front and likes to be used by office employees.

  1. Satchel bag


Satchel bag resembles a messenger bag but has a top handle to make it easier to use. Satchel bags usually have more casual models than formal look by messenger bags.

  1. Tote bag


Tote bag is a modern approach to the classic briefcase. Tote bags are widely used for casual business attire giving a contemporary impression that is favored by metropolitan men.

  1. Duffel bag


Almost all men who exercise use duffel bags. But duffel bags are now not just bags to carry clothes or other personal needs but also as a “personality statement”. It’s so cool right!

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