Most Popular Types of Trousers for Women

April 11, 2019

We all love pants. Long pants are a fashion piece that is always reliable. Besides being very comfortable to wear, trousers also make your look more attractive. Now maybe you will find some fashion store sell pants with different materials, models and pieces. Each pants also has many functions each.

  1. Jeans


Jeans are the most favorite pants for women. Made of rough and thick material called denim. The character of jeans usually has double stitching lines with thick threads. As we know, Jeans are symbol of young people. It’s so rock!

  1. Dress Pants


This is the most common type of pants and is usually used for formal events or office outfits. Dress pants are usually made of woven material, cotton or linen. The character has buttons or zips on the front. So simple right!

  1. Culottes


Culottes are 3/4 or 7/8 trousers that have a wide leg size. Because it is very comfortable to wear, the culottes are very synonymous with relaxed style. The popularity of the culottes now makes fashionistas more creative combining them with formal styles with a pair of feminine high heels.

  1. Harem Pants


Harem pants are thin and lightweight trousers with rubber at the waist and ankles. The model is funny and very fashionable makes us confident to wear it. In fact, this model of pants inspiration is from Indian pants. So cool right!

  1. Leggings


Initially, leggings were just kind of sports pants with stretch material. These pants are tight when used and elastic so that they follow the shape of our feet and the language is also soft, does not make it hot when you are wearing it. It’s so simple guys!

  1. Palazzo Pants


These model pants have a shape that is fit from the waist to the thigh and then extends to the legs. Usually made of lightweight materials that make you free to move. Will make your activities comfortable every day. SO comfort ladies!

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