Smart Men’s Tips & Tricks Use Polo Shirt

Polo shirts are a more relaxed choice than shirts for men’s outfits. If you can combine it with the right style, polo shirts can also be used during formal or semi-formal events! Let you be more stylish, there are some tips that must be considered when using a polo shirt.

  1. Pair with Chino Pants


The chino is the men’s rescue pants. These pants will make you look more handsome and stylish. Especially if combined with a polo shirt, it seems effortless but still modern. If you want to look relaxed but still neat, you can put your polo shirt into chino pants.

  1. Add Outer


To look cool with a polo shirt at a formal event, add an outer like a suit, jacket or cardigan. You are guaranteed to be more preppy. You can use sneakers to display a neat, sporty impression or wear boots to make you cool.

  1. Pair with Shorts


Polo shirts and shorts are essential comfort. These two outfits can be a savior when traveling in the summer, lunch date and or hanging out with friends. Complete OOTD with trendy mountain sneakers or sandals, Guys!

  1. Avoid Use Polo Shirts that are Too Tight


Using a polo shirt that is too tight will make you uncomfortable. Better, use a polo shirt that is fit for body size. Also pay attention to the part of his arm, don’t let this part tightly tie your arm.

  1. Don’t Raise Polo Shirt Collar


Raising the polo shirt collar will give the appearance of a less manly appearance. Wear a polo shirt with the right collar. Problem buttoning all collar buttons or opening them, it’s free. Choose according to taste and style as long as it makes you comfortable.

  1. Don’t Need to Wear Shirt


Layered clothes will make you look fat and also uncomfortable if used in hot weather. Moreover, the purpose of using polo shirts is to make you look more casual.

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