Types of Skirts that Women Must Have

April 11, 2019

Women like to show the beauty of their body shape, especially use skirts will make women look much more feminine. For you who like boyish style, you can still wear a skirt. With just one skirt, you can try different styles. Here are some types of skirts that must be in your closet.

  1. Leather Skirt


Well, if this one skirt is a leather skirt. This type of skirt is really necessary for you to know. Because it will be very stylish, especially if combined with a shirt or crop top. By using it you will look more fashionable.

  1. A-Line Skirt


If you have a small, curvy body, try to wear this A-line skirt, because the expanding effect on the bottom of this skirt gives volume to the body.

  1. Maxi Skirt


You must have this long skirt in your closet. Because a long skirt can make you look taller, more level, and definitely sexy! So catchy!

  1. Peplum Skirt


Peplum has a distinctive shape that is there is a tight and expanding part. So for those of you who want to use this skirt, you have to choose a boss that is a little tight or fit in your body so that your body doesn’t look big.

  1. Pencil Skirt


Pencil skirts are suitable for all body shapes, because this tight skirt makes your body look more shaped. This type of skirt was introduced by Christian Dior in the late 40’s. Wear a shirt, sweater, or crop top, okay.

  1. Mini Skirt


Mini skirts like this are suitable for all body shapes. So for those of you who are not tall, you can also wear a skirt above your knees, because it will make your legs look longer.

  1. Midi Skirt


For you who are not confident using a miniskirt, try using a midi skirt. Because this skirt is the right choice for you. The skirt is long below the knee, so it can be used in all kinds of events. So perfect right!

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