Best Biker Fashion Inspirations for Men

Do you want to get a masculine but fashionable look? Maybe the fashion style of biker can be your reference to get that look. Below are some inspirations of the men’s fashion biker style that you can emulate to get the look of the most suitable biker style for you!

  1. Biker all-black style


The classic and easiest way to get a man’s biker style is to use an all-black look starting from a choice of outerwear, t-shirts, pants, to black leather shoes that can be your best choice of biker style.

  1. Casual and Sporty with leather jackets and hoodies


For you who want the look of a more casual and sporty male biker style, the inspiration for this one biker style can be a reference. Pair the hoodie with your biker jacket. For pants, ripped jeans with bright colors can be an option. Complete the sporty biker style with sneakers.

  1. Fresh with a blend of bright colors


You can combine biker jackets with other outfits with lighter colors and materials. Add other accessories with fresh colors like a scarf. For subordinates, chinos with colors that are a little dark and matching the jacket can be your choice.

  1. Simple with a plain shirt


For those who don’t want to be complicated, leather jackets that are matched with plain t-shirts and foam provide a cool biker look. Perfect your look with dark jeans and accessories such as leather watches and sunglasses.

  1. Pair it with a formal suit


Who says the biker-style look can’t be mixed and matched in a formal style. Use your best formal shirt and your material pants equipped with a biker jacket. Also use a leather bag as a complement to the biker-style look.

  1. No black


If most biker-style displays are identical to black, that doesn’t mean you can’t play with other colors. Combine other dark leather jackets with a choice of dark chino pants, but in contrast to the style of this biker style.

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