Best Men’s Fashion in Milan Fashion Week 2019

Men’s fashion are also important like women’s fashion. Men also have to pay attention to their outfit style. In this article Femalinea will provide a summary of some of the trends in the Spring / Summer collection. Here are some trends in the Milan Spring / Summer collection. Check it out!

  1. Crop trousers


In the midst of bloated pants with long hem, a row of pants with pieces showing the heel of the foot is also one of the things you can see from Milan’s Fashion Week this time.

  1. Silk and satin


Every year is sparkling because of the many labels that showcase collections of silk clothing. Starting from silk suits, jackets and trousers.

  1. Soil colors


This time, clothing with the colors of primary colors is rarely seen. So, get ready to take out your clothing collection that is brownish in color because the colors of the ground can be seen in all corners of the runway.

  1. Striped motifs


In addition to horizontal or vertical motifs, striped motifs can also be seen in various collections at Milan Fashion Week this time. Get ready to feel taller.

  1. Tailoring meet sportswear


Milan’s fashion is also enlivened with suits that are combined with sports attributes. With a combination of suits and sneakers, your appearance can look more relaxed and remain stylish.

  1. Mix and match the motif


We can see all the motifs on the runway this time. Like clothing with a ‘brave’ motif with a ‘brave’ motif, to a softer motif with a soft motif. Welcome to the modern era!

  1. Sandals


If you are a fan of footwear that has a lot of ventilation, then this one trend will make you happy. The number of sandals as footwear exhibited by popular labels has proven that sandals will become a trend again in 2019.

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