Best Paris Men’s Fashion Trends in 2019

Paris fashion has always been a long-awaited moment for fashion activists, because what else is it if not the location of the event which is in the center of world fashion. This time, world-class designers are showing their talents in creating trends through their latest collections. Starting from the black color that re-rule the runway, to outfits that are oversized. Here we have summarized the seven trends in the Paris Spring / Summer Fashion collection.

  1. Short pants


Although shorts have become controversial for men, designers like Thom Browne and Nick Wooster have managed to juggle shorts to be more stylish.

  1. Long hems


One of the trends seen this time is to lengthen the hem or the tip of the seam.

  1. Black domination


This runway is dominated by collections dominated by black. However, it is different with Commes des Garçon. The fashion label that has brought black popular in the world of men’s fashion actually shows its collection decorated with hundreds of color variations.

  1. Technical fabrics


Technical fabric materials that are usually used for fields other than fashion such as furniture, up to vehicle seats, are now transformed by Hermès, Louis Vuitton, and Valentino into jackets, hoodies, and sports pants.

  1. Loose silhouette


With the rise of large-sized clothes in the previous season, do not be surprised if the drapey-style tops that dangle greatness also enliven Paris Fashion Week.

  1. Oversized blazers


This time the Blazer is made with a super large size. In fact, designers like Thom Browne also exhibited a large blazer design.

  1. Graphics


Not only shirts with motifs designed using computer graphic design, other superiors such as knitwear, jackets, and pants also enliven the runway with its graphic designs.

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