Most Popular Men’s Fashion Trends in 2019

Look cool and fashionable not only about the appearance of women, but also men can even appear with the right choice of fashion items. In 2019, some old fashion items are starting to hit again and several new trends are also emerging. Come on, see and check the various predictions of the booming male fashion trend in 2019 below!

  1. Sage & Neon


Sage or neon shirts and t-shirts can be options for you who want to appear outstanding in 2019. This color replaces the Pink fashion trend in 2018. Sage and neon colors will be an alternative color that will enliven men’s fashion this year. You can also mix and match with a jeans jacket or denim pants so that the look remains humble and fashionable.

  1. Neo-Tailoring


For you who like to look neat, one of the newest men’s fashion trends in 2019 this one definitely likes. The style of tailoring clothing is predicted to steal attention and become a trend of hits this year.

  1. Handbag


Handbag or handbag is not a new trend, but this fashion accessories will still hit and decorate the men’s fashion trend stage in 2019.

This can be seen from the many big brands that are still releasing the latest handbag collection to complete the men’s fashion accessories market this year.

  1. Floral Pattern


Floral patterns that have become a trend since the end of 2017 will still be popular in 2019. However, not only limited to shirts and shirts. The application of floral patterns to fashion in 2019 will be more bold and varied.

  1. Sirwal Pants




These pants are made of fleece fabric with a few short pieces that expose the ankles, this type of men’s trousers are not only comfortable but also very fashionable.

  1. Flannel Shirt


The next fashion item that must be in your wardrobe is a flannel shirt. Although not a new trend, this typical flannel shirt with a checkered pattern will still be popular. This item is easy to mix and match to produce various look from formal to beast hype.

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