Women’s Fashion Colors that Loved by Men

You are free to choose the color of the clothes you want to wear every day. But you have to know some colors that turned out to be male preferred. Maybe the right color will bring you to your soul mate. Check it out!

  1. Pink


Pink is a beautiful, classic, and nice color for most women to use. However, too much pink is not good, because it will give an overly girly impression that most men don’t like. Keep it simple! Use pink minimally, so that it gives the impression of being mature.

  1. Red


Red has been the color of love. Of course men like red, it’s just that most of them don’t admit it. But, really, they do! Red symbolizes love spirit, sex appeal, boldness, confidence, and also femininity.

  1. Black



The fact is Men also like women who wear black. It’s no wonder that basic black can be a color that attracts men’s attention. Classy, ​​sexy and modern impressions come together when you wear black clothes. Luckily, you can never have too much black!

  1. White


Besides black, white turns out to attract the attention of men too! White gives the impression of clean, classy and pure. You will look more innocent and calm, but also sophisticated at the same time.

  1. Cream


The cream color also gives the impression of a soft and pure woman. This pure and innocent impression caught the attention of most men. The proof, cream color is often used as the color of the wedding reception theme. With cream color, you can embrace the impression of purity and sincerity.

  1. Light Blue


Although blue is not a pretty feminine color, men still like women who wear blue clothes. Ordinary blue is also okay, but light blue will look more attractive. We recommend that you do not use navy because of a little bit boring.

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