Women’s Outfits Inspirations that Loved by Men

April 15, 2019

Outfit styles are the first seen by your opposite sex. To look attractive, you also have to use attractive and cool clothes. The following are some of the styles of women’s clothing that are most liked by men, and you must try.

  1. Girl with casual look


Do you like a casual appearance? Because in general, guys like girls who are casual. Plain shirts, jeans, small backpacks and sneakers can be the most suitable combination for your casual appearance. You can try adding other attributes made from denim such as denim jackets or denim vest.

  1. Avoid open and tight clothes


To look sexy you don’t have to wear an open shirt. That section is not always seen from your clothes, but also from personality.

  1. Choose clothes that are slim fit


You should also avoid clothes that are too loose. For those of you who are small, loose clothes will only make you look as if you are drowning in a shirt. While for those of you who are big, clothes that are too big will actually make your body look even bigger.

  1. Try old-fashioned style


Vintage style until now is still so much loved by world fashion lovers. Vintage style itself tends to seem more feminine with the use of soft colors. The vintage accessories collection is also synonymous with floral patterns, polka dots motifs, round collars with extra ribbons that certainly make the wearer look even sweeter.

  1. Try to be anti-mainstream


For a more unique and different appearance, you can try “off track” by combining yourself unique styles that can represent your personality. With an anti-mainstream style, of course you will also look different and more attractive in the eyes of the guys.

  1. Mix & match the right colors


You still have to pay attention to the suitability of the colors that you combine. For those of you who are afraid of combining colors, you should take it safe by using soft and neutral colors.

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