Women’s Summer Fashion Items that Must Have

Summer is here and so are the newest fashion trends. For those who want to update our #OOTD style especially this holiday season, here is a list of the trendiest fashion items. From the maxi dress to the detailed necklaces, what actually enters the list this time? Read on below to find out!

  1. Gingham Pattern


The Gingham checkered motif is an icon of this summer’s fashion. Gingham is more than just the typical table cloth for picnicking. This one motif can be used from top of head to toe, from material for bandanas, tops, subordinates, to dresses.

  1. Anything in Soft Pink


What can we say other than pink is here to stay? But this time, the trendy pink shade isn’t pink neon, but soft pink. So, no wonder there are many items of fashion, beauty and interior decoration that have soft pink colors.

  1. Everything embroidered


This one trend is very common everywhere. Embroidery, or better known as embroidery, can be found on tops, pants, skirts, jeans jackets to bags and clutches. Even when it’s just a small detail on a fashion item, Embroidery speaks as one of the simplest yet boldest fashion statements.

  1. Flowy Maxi Dresses


Since it’s hot out during summer, that’s where flowy dresses comes in. With cool material, this one model dress is guaranteed to be able to keep us comfortable even though it is worn while walking for hours while on vacation in the hot sun.

  1. Slip in Dresses


This kind of dress really hits, no exception in Indonesia. Rather then using it as it is, many people use slip in dress with T-shirts or plain turtlenecks. One example of the trend of the 90s that is returning to trend again this year.

  1. Wrap Tops


The top wrap is the perfect combination of contemporary design and simplicity. The detailing on the wrap tops offers an interesting element to the boss’s shirt that seems plain. It’s all in the details when it comes to wrap tops.


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