Best Hairstyles Inspirations for Round Face Women

Every woman has a different face shape. Some are round, oval, or heart shaped. Ladies, you are beautiful using whatever hairstyle you want to use. These some hairstyles that can be an option for a more perfect look.

  1. Loose Chignon


Selena Gomez has a naturally rounded face shape and tends to be balanced between the left and right sides. So for those of you who have a round face like Selena you can use loose chignon. Combination of side bangs can accentuate the jawline and cheeks.

  1. Side-Swept Bangs


For those of you who have a round face can try Side-Swept Bangs. This 2019 women’s hairstyle has side bangs and is divided into two unequal parts so that it forms thick hair on one side.

  1. Chop Pixie


Pixie hairstyles are suitable for use by all women with various facial shapes. Choppy Pixie is a pixy haircut with mock bang. This hairstyle can give a round face so it looks more ideal.

  1. Navy Bob


You can use this short to bottom hairstyle with a bangs without bangs. Add a styling wave to the entire hair so that the hair looks stylish and the cheek structure becomes longer.

  1. An Off-Center Part


The 2019 hairstyle for those of you who have the next round face is the Off-Center Part. This hairstyle divides the two hairs with a larger side, but still in the middle area of ​​the hair. This hairstyle gives a diagonal effect so that the face shape is more ideal and the center of the face becomes the focus of attention.

  1. Stick-Straight Lengths


Sparkling straight hair like the Korean Idol style Jennie Blackpink can be your choice. This style frames a round face and gives a longer impression so that it looks more ideal. To have this hairstyle you need to split your hair into two equal parts.

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