Best Women’s Fashion Inspirations use Patterned Outfits

April 20, 2019

Do you want to try something new on your appearance? Patterned pants or skirts can be an option! You can also still look fashionable and give a feminine or sporty impression with solid matching subordinates right. Let’s look at some solid inspirations with patterned outfits. So great yeah!

  1. Floral Motif Skirt


you can match cut skirt with big flower motifs with a white shirt for a feminine formal impression. In addition to making an illusion in the form of a large thigh to make it look slimmer, this patterned skirt is suitable for you to wear in a variety of formal events without looking stiff. You can also complete with a plain headscarf of the same color. So sweet right!

  1. Tribe Motif Culottes


Solid patterned culottes with a plain blouse can be an option for a casual look that is playful. Choose the color of the blouse according to the majority color on your motif pants if you want to avoid the impression of being crowded. Complete with a sling bag and embellished cute sandals.  It’s so gorgeous!

  1. Abstract Motif Culottes


You can combine these abstract motif pants with plain long cardiac or beautiful outer kimono. Complete your look with high heels and hand bag for a dynamic feminine impression. So cool right!

  1. Diving Line Motif


Do you want to be formal with striped pants? Why not! You can mix and match striped pants with vertical stripes with matching blazers. The motif for pants that are most suitable for owners of big thighs are vertical stripes like this. This motif can give the illusion of a longer and slimmer leg. So stylish ladies!

  1. Pleated Floral Skirt



This beautiful pleated skirt can be combined with pastel-colored asymmetrical tunics for an adorable girly look. Complete your look with a loafer shoes and tote bag. It’s so amazing!

  1. Checkered Pants


You can look fashionable with solid matching tartan pants and plain ribbon-accented tops. You can also mix with kitten heels and cross-body bags for a cute look! So beautiful right!

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