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Best Outfit Style Inspirations in Oscar 2019

April 22, 2019

At the 2019 Oscars Celebrities use fashionable clothing from the world’s best designers. There are those who carry a new style and some apply the old school style. From beautiful pinks to charming ruffles, Femalinea has summarized some of the best fashion styles from world artists at the 2019 Oscar.

  1. Domination of Pink


One of the dominating celebrations for the 2019 Oscar is the use of pink by various celebrities in attendance. The selection of pink here comes with a variety of shades that are so beautiful.

  1. Display with Tuxedo


One that is quite attention is the tuxedo dress worn by Billy Porter. He uses a black tuxedo dress with skirt skirts. Very unique right?

  1. Style with Cloak


Then there are also artists who apply the robe to the clothes worn. For example, as worn by Glenn Close, Maya Rudolph, arrived at Melissa McCarthy.

  1. Velvet Blazer with Beautiful Colors


From Chris Evan to Jason Momoa, they wear velvet blazers with beautiful and eccentric colors. Impressed vintage but still stylish.

  1. Sweet-looking Pastel Colors


Then there are also pastel color dresses chosen by world celebrities. There are light blue colors, icy blue, mint green that make the look cute. No less lively right, Ladies?

  1. Elegant Highlight


Dresses with high collars will always be there at Oscar celebrations. However, there is a refreshing appearance this time. Brie Larson chose a dress with a high hemisphere to the thigh, while Charlize Theron chose a dress with a back that was quite open.

  1. Hot Romantic Ruffles!


The last thing that is carried by the world’s celebrities is that they wear romantic ruffles that make the appearance more elegant.

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