Best Casual Fashion Inspirations for Women in 2019

Hi Ladies, are you confused about looking for solid inspiration for OOTD photos? This time Femalinea will provide a number of mix and match references that you can copy for a casual appearance. Some of these inspirations are from street style at New York Fashion Week Spring / Summer 2019. Take a look!

  1. The White Jumpsuit


You can mix white jumpsuit with white sneakers, and micro-style glasses to get a futuristic feel. Your casual OOTD photos will definitely look cooler!

  1. Playful Girl


Why don’t you try a more playful and quirky style by using a bright color palette and exciting motifs? You can copy this casual OOTD! Pair the orange color with a patterned shirt and skirt. Choose accessories of the same color.

  1. Boho Chic


You can combine a white crop top, torn jeans, along with a long fun pattern. You can also Wear snake-skinned boots and a pile of accessories so that the action is more totality.

  1. In The Mood for Stripes


Multi-colored striped shirts will make your casual appearance cool. Don’t believe? Look at Gigi Hadid’s appearance. The following beautiful models look casual in an oversized shirt with a stripe motif, khaki pants and supported by high-top sneakers with lavender colors. Love!

  1. Parisian Inspired



Stylish like a Parisian woman, always attracts attention. Look at casual OOTD wearing an off shoulder model that tightly blends denim flares. The combination of cream color with blue denim is the most fitting so that it makes the action look chic.

  1. Hot Pants Upgrade


You can try pairing your hot pants jeans with a gingham sweater and shirt motif. Then maximize the action by using cowboy boots, tinted glasses, and a snake skin motif bag.

  1. Athleisure Babe


A sporty style that is solid with denim supported by white sneakers will look more special if you replace shorts with bycycle pants in the middle. You have to wear oversize tops so that your hips are closed.

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