Bright Color Fashion Inspirations for Dark Skin Women

Bright colors are not only for white people. You who are dusky skinned can look stunning without monochromatic colors. You only need to choose the right color for your skin. Here are some bright colors that can make your dark skin glow.

  1. Cobalt Blue


“Who What Wear” suggests cobalt blue to highlight the healthy glow of your dark skin. Like this blue dress worn by Kerry Washington. So elegant right!

  1. Red


Rihanna and famous supermodel like “Jourdan Dunn” are some dark-skinned celebrities who like to wear red. They don’t look excessive, but they look more elegant. You can also choose a red color that is a little dark like maroon and dark red. So hot ladies!

  1. Emerald Green


According to All Women Stalk, emerald green is a color that is suitable for all skin types, including dark ones. Emerald green has a very luxurious color that adds a glamorous and elegant feel when worn.

  1. Fuchsia


Fuchsia also includes bright colors that make the skin with dark or bright tones look more radiant. Remember, don’t get confused with shocking pink colors. Pink like shocking pink will make your whistle look darker. It’s so sweet guys!

  1. Tangerine



The Huffington Post suggests tangerine colors for those who are brown and dark. The color is very fitting for a fresher look. This shades of orange are also suitable for makeup, because it can make the skin look fresher.

  1. Purple



Purple shades suitable for dark skin. Look elegant when worn and your skin becomes more clean even though it’s dark skinned. You can choose purple, magenta, violet or plum to brighten your appearance. It’s so cool!

  1. Yellow


Yellow is also suitable for dark skin. The look looks very charming and charming because of the color that looks attractive when viewed. You can see the model above. You will look brighter and fresher. So shining guys!

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