Most Important Women’s Fashion Items in 2019

Today women’s appearance is certainly different when compared to 10 years ago. The difference can be seen from the way women combine clothes to make them look more catchy and fashionable. Today’s women can be said to be more detailed when buying clothes and fashion accessories. Here are some clothes that women must have to look more fashionable.

  1. Plain t-shirt


Although it looks plain, plain t-shirts are very versatile for all styles, both casual and formal. Pair a plain shirt with high-waist jeans or mid-rise jeans for a more chic appearance.

  1. Stripped top


You don’t miss the stripes motif. This shirt is important to complete your casual look. Combining it is also not too difficult. You can also combine stripped top with plaid trouser, mini skirt, or striped subordinates as well as to make it more harmonious.

  1. White shirt


The white shirt does seem formal, but you can turn this out for casual or monochrome looks. Combined with boyfriend jeans, denim skirts or skinny jeans, it feels just right

  1. Sweater


Even though the weather in Indonesia tends to be hot, there is nothing wrong if you want to wear a sweater while traveling. Choose a sweater with the right thickness, then mix it with the pleat midi skirt / blue jeans and boots.

  1. Denim jacket


For you who like the appearance of casual, denim jacket is a necessary. Pair it with a tank top / t-shirt and leather skirt for a feminine look. To make it a bit punky, mix it with plain shirts, leather pants or ripped jeans. So cool right!

  1. Blazer


For those of you who want to attend a formal event, you can use a blazer. Replace your black blazer with a blazer that has a lighter color for a different look, like red, blue or yellow. Combine it with neutral colored pants to keep eye catching.

  1. Black Trouser


Black trouser is indeed synonymous with formal style. But make no mistake, you can also use it for casual events, like going to the mall. Pair your black trouser with plain t-shirt or striped top. So rock, babe!

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