Smart Fashion Tips for Chinese New Year Event

When you celebrate Chinese new day, there are many things that must be prepared. Starting from the concept of the event, food, and all-round clothing that will make the CNY celebration more festive. Appearance is always a concern, including celebrating CNY. In order not to make a wrong style, you can sample some of the following tips.

  1. T-shirts and Pants


This look is suitable for you who like casual style. Choose a round collar t-shirt and pants that cover the eyes if you want to mix with stilettos. So cool ladies!

  1. Long Sweater


Do you want to look more statement-making? Well, a long sweater is a good option. You can make long sweaters into a mini dress for a more simple, casual, and a bit boyish touch. You can also combine your long sweater with ankle boots or high top sneakers so that the appearance is more out all.

  1. Strapless Dress


When enlarging CNY, you may use cheongsam more often. But, this time you can use strapless dress so that your appearance looks different than usual. If you don’t have a strapless dress, you can change strapless dress with midi dress. Pair it with stiletto or black pump heels

  1. Long Sleeve Shirts


You can choose shirts that have motifs or images, such as embroidery patterns or vertical lines. You can also combine with red, maroon, black, or white trousers whose colors are easily blended with the colors of the shirts that flicker.

  1. High Boots Knee



Boots for CNY, really? Why not? Boots can be used to replace high heels or stilettos that you often use in CNY celebrations. Stack your boots with a dress that has a slit on the front or side of the thigh. So hot right!

  1. Baseball Cap


To make it perfect, you can add baseball caps to complete your boyish look this time. Plain red hat or with an additional logo still fits in with your OOTD style. It’s so sweet!

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