Smart Ways Wear Top Turtleneck for Women

The Rainy Season has arrived! So it’s time to start wearing an outfit that can not only warm the body but also be stylish! Yup, you can try wear a turtleneck tops like the street stylers that look super chic for everyday wear.

  1. Black Orange 


For a more attractive appearance, try combining a black turtleneck top with an orange dress. You can choose an A-line cut dress with plunge details so that your appearance doesn’t look ‘full’. You can also complete with flagship heels and handbags.

  1. Touch of red


If you choose a black turtleneck top, don’t hesitate to combine it with bright color subordinates. Choose a red wrap skirt made from leather to make it look more chic. Then, add a matching colored handbag plus trendy white boots.

  1. Layering trick


Turtleneck tops are the easiest to stack with other fashion items. This basic top can be used as your sleeveless top and mix with your favorite jeans. It’s so sweet!

  1. Overall style


You can Wear a turtleneck top with olive color overalls. This display will create a casual style that is relaxed, but still looks chic. Add strappy heels and sling bags to sweeten your look.

  1. Stylish with skirt


You should try to look more trendy and contemporary with turtlenecks combined with midi skirt stripes. To make your appearance look more sophisticated, complete with a unique handbag and contrasting ankle boots. So cool right!

  1. Monochrome look


You can wear a turtleneck top with a touch of super cool monochrome style. Choose the one calm color you want to wear, for example a turtleneck top plus a maroon velvet pants. You can also mix with a classic belt bag to make it look cool.

  1. Black & white


Turtleneck tops do not always have to be plain colored, you can also use classic black and white gingham motifs. Then, mix with black wide leg pants. To make your appearance look cool, complete with hat and heels accessories.

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