Women’s Outerwear Combination Tips in 2019

Outerwear is one of the fashion items used to complement one’s style. In 2019, so many outerwear models that you can choose and mix and match with various styles to be stylish OOTD. Here are some tips on outerwear combinations that you can emulate to look stylish.

  1. Long Coat


You can create long coat with various styles. Starting from the casual boyish style with jeans and sneakers. For vintage style, you can mix turtle neck and long coat with cut bray jeans.

  1. Oversized jacket


For a boyish and playful impression, you can appear using an oversized jacket or jacket with a large size. To add a girly impression, you can combine oversized jackets with feminine colors like pastel pink.

  1. Blazer


This fashion item can be combined into various stylish styles. For hangouts, you can wear a blazer and jeans. Wear a blazer and matching pants if you are lazy to mix and match. You can also appear in a neat preppy style by blending shirts and blazers.

  1. Leather jacket


Leather jacket is one of the outfit statements that can make your style look cool instantly. Outerwear is also suitable to be combined with a variety of clothing, ranging from formal styles, boyish styles, to sweetening the dress you wear.

  1. Denim Jacket


Who doesn’t have a denim jacket? Its classic and timeless nature makes this outerwear a favorite of many people. You can also choose a denim jacket model as desired, from oversized to cropping. This denim jacket is very suitable to use when hanging out because it makes your casual style even worse!

  1. Cardigan


You who have a feminine soul, you really have to have knitted cardigan. Even though it’s simple, this outerwear can create a girly feel while being comfortable to wear, especially in the rainy season. You can wear this one outfit on various occasions ranging from formal to casual. So sweet right!


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