Best Women’s Bag Inspirations for Spring 2019

Some of the bag trends below represent some of the boldest accessories this season. This is not just an everyday style but offers a way to make statements with unique details such as feathers or shoelaces and unexpected silhouettes. Check it out!

  1. Handbag as a necklace


For spring 2019, designers focus only on the needs of handbag. There is no excess material, no over-packing. There is only you, and most importantly, how to use your bag that keeps your hands free at all times.

  1. Bola and chain


Forget clutch standards, the trend next year is a little more geometric with round bags that look like carrying artwork. This may not be the type of handbag that is easily inserted into a carry-on suitcase. However, this creation is very beautiful and special.

  1. Laundry bag level up


This Hold-all handbag is all about structure and more about holding it as much as possible. This is one of the most practical bag trends filled with floral prints and shiny textures.

  1. Pile of feather decoration


Furry fashion is nothing new, but this trend remains strong in 2019 with feathers displayed on summer tote bags and bags for elegant evening events.

  1. Rigging


One of the most unexpected handbag trends is shoelaces, such as colorful cables and ropes, which have been seen on handbags from New York to Paris.

  1. Clasps coin purses


A modern handbag is given a vintage touch with the addition of a classic coin clasp wallet. These are practical details and, frankly, charming.

  1. Total transparent


Some people might see this as an excuse to censor their choices, but others might find that it’s an opportunity to freely let all the contents of the bag be seen when they hang out.

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