Bold Makeup Style Inspirations for Office Look

May 3, 2019

Make up bold identical to a special display for special events. Actually this makeup style can also be applied to daily activities or when going to the office. You can mix bold makeup with an outfit that suits your taste. The following make up styles that can be applied while working so that your appearance is more bold and the center of attention.

  1. White eyeliner



Your train can use simple eye makeup during meetings. Start by using a matte makeup base and use a highlighter on your cheekbones, nose and chin. Apply white eyeliner to the folds of the eye to make it stand out more. Trim your eyebrows and use a little mascara. Perfect your makeup with nude lip gloss. It’s so cool.

  1. Bold Lipstick


The right lipstick will make you look more elegant and bold. Sweep the highlighter and contour on the face. Use a brownish metallic eyeshadow on the petals and wear false eyelashes. On the lips, use a lip balm and apply dark metallic lipstick. Apply a sleek low ponytail hairstyle so that your style is more elegant. So sexy guys!

  1. Take Bold Eyes Up


Begin early in the week with bold eye makeup. Use base make up dewy, then use highlighter and contour to make your face more dimensional. Brush a little green eyeshadow on the entire petal and in the folds of the eye. It’s so stylish!

  1. Use Edgy’s Eyes


Don’t hesitate to look different when you work. Skip the sweeping eyeshadow on the eyelid and start by lining the folds of the eyes using black eyeliner. Pull a straight line to the outer edge of the eyebrow and pull a straight line from the outer end of the eyebrow to the outer corner of the lower eye. Fill in the blank with green eyeshadow. So chic ladies!

  1. Metallic Eye Makeup


Use the eye primer and brush the pink eyeshadow on the entire petal. Then, brush the dark purple eyeshadow in the corner of the inner eye crease and the lower lash line. Trim it with a brush. Brush a little metallic eyeshadow with dark blue shades. Use pink velvetty lipstick and your hair outlet so your charms stand out more.

  1. Wet Look for Bold & Dewy Makeup


You can use dewy base makeup. Then, brush the highlighter and contour on the face. Brush black eyeshadow on the eyelid and trim using a brush. Add a touch of brown to your petals. Flatten again with a brush. Use red lipstick to make. So simple right!

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