Most Popular Women’s Handbags in 2019

As we know that the fashion world is not lonely. And from the furor of the past four weeks, we can also conclude that the trend of these handbags will dominate. Here are some types of handbags that are a trend and popular in 2019.

  1. Hold-at-the-hip Tote


The trend of this one bag requires strong hands and not aching. A bag like this must be worn while holding the bottom.

  1. Miniature Necklace Bags


Is that a bag or necklace? The answer is depending on where you see it. If it’s from Mars, it might be like a necklace, but if from the S / S 19 mode stage yesterday, you can be sure of the bag. You can hold this type of bag without the hassle.

  1. Bucket Bag


This bag will remain in circulation next year, whether it’s in the traditional form or has a handle at the top. The colors, materials and textures used are also diverse so just choose according to your personality and mood.

  1. Bags with Visible Logos and Labels


The label on the bag is something that is loved by fashion lovers. Especially those who are quiet, but actually want to “show off” in an elegant way. Prada, Givenchhy, Balmain, and Balenciaga.

  1. Round bags


You have to forget square, which is super duper standard, next year the shape of the bag will be more geometric and round. It’s pretty, but it will be difficult to put in a suitcase (when you want to take a vacation) without making it 85% bent. The Louis Vuitton bag at the S / S 19 Paris Fashion Week in the form of tears, seems to be one of the variations.

  1. Non Bags


Fluorescent color trends finally spread to the handbag. And this time, the favorite colors are orange, pink, yellow and green.

  1. Belt Bags


Belt bag or fanny pack will not disappear this year. This time, waist bags appear more elegant, luxurious and colorful.

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