Most Unique and Strange Beauty Trends of the Year

This year’s beauty trend hasn’t changed much. Femalinea has collected some strange and unique trends, but you can still apply them in everyday makeup. Check it out!

  1. Hair of Queen Elizabeth


Hairdresser Paul Hanlon juggles the models’ hair into curly with gravity-fighting bouffant style that pays homage to the late queen’s iconic style, complete with bun

  1. Soap eyebrows


Beauty fans in the internet discover the secret of taming eyebrows in our bathroom all this time, soap! Just use an eyebrow brush or mascara stick on a bar of soap to arrange your eyebrows, giving them a thick and full look.

  1. Ombre eyelashes


Ombre eyelashes are the latest trend that hits on the internet, making colored eyelashes something new. You can make this look with mascara, it can also be done with eyelash extensions.

  1. Nude eyelashes


A post by Finnish makeup artist Emilia Nummelin went viral for several weeks featuring pink nuances and eyelashes that were deliberately nude.

  1. Feat


Feat is splitting the hairs of the eyebrows to look like ungags. This one trend is clear for women who are brave and confident.

  1. Holographic hair


This is one way to get attention when walking into a room and showing it on Instagram. So cool right!

  1. Floral eyeliner


Have stable hands, good eyes and good eyesight? Try making it and thousands of Likes flood your posts.

  1. Candy hair floss


This sweet trend will make you look like a cosplay dress like My Little Pony.

  1. Unique nails


Everyone likes Unicorn colors, so being behind this trend is not difficult. Just look at the beautiful colors.

  1. Hair mode


Inspired by colors rich in geode crystals, this deep gem style is a welcome change from the trend of mermaid or rainbow hair we’ve ever seen.

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