Newest Women’s Fashion Style Inspirations in 2019

In 2019, you no longer need to look for inspiration about what’s booming. Only with three objects, namely gadgets, Instagram social media accounts and curiosity. You can already know which fashion items are trending right now. Instagram as a social media is the most widely used platform to search for all information from history, which is now up to the trend. And at least, Femalinea has found several fashion trends that are predicted to be booming this year.

  1. Bicycle pants


Bicycle pants popularized by Kim Kardashian West. The short tight pants commonly used for cycling are hot items that can be combined with anything. So cool right!

  1. Beads bag


The fashion bag trend is indeed changing. But what will happen next is bag beads like this. Colorful accents from beads bags make you look cooler.

  1. Chain belts


The fashion trend doesn’t have to be something new, it’s old but so you can try more hits. One of them is a chain belt. Instead of looking old school, the mix looks like the picture above.

  1. Oversized straw hat


This one fashion item has already caught attention since its inception. Even though it was considered difficult to use, in fact there were many posts on Instagram wear this oversized straw hat.

  1. Heart-shaped glasses


You must immediately change the position of popular skinny glasses last year. Heart-shaped glasses are mushrooming this summer. Many people use these unique glasses  anywhere. From to the beach, hangout to look stunning on the red carpet.

  1. Wedges become the newest ugly shoes


Since the trend of ugly shoes is still happening, wedges that were once the last choice, are now beginning to rise as statement footwear. The models are very diverse, from the classic espadrille wedges to PVC wedges.

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