Types of High Heels that You Must Know

Have you ever tried to count how many high heels you have? For fans, this type of shoe can give a feminine, sexy and glamorous look. But because they call it too often with the word high heels, but apparently this type of shoe has a variety of different types. What are the types? Check it out!

  1. Stilettos


These small pointed heels are one of the mandatory shoes for women. It turned out that the name Stiletto was taken from the name of a dagger that had a thin and pointed shape at the end. The function of this thin knife is  to pierce opponents through the gaps of armor.

  1. Pumps


This shoe is almost the same as stilettos, it’s just that the rights are lower. You need to know that it turned out that in ancient times, these pumps were used by men (but without rights behind them) and they called them pompes.

  1. Wedges Heels


Even though it’s high, it’s probably the most comfortable shoes among other high heels. Because there is no separating part of the heel to the soles, so this shoe offers more comfort and prevents your feet from getting injured.

  1. Kitten Heels


Believe it is not that there are high heels that make you comfortable when wearing it? Yes, the answer is Kitten Heels. These shoes are for those of you who are learning to use high heels. With rights that are not high (around 3-5 cm) you can use it comfortably.

  1. Cut Out Heels


This type of shoes has high heels with a nice design. These shoes are suitable for use with all types of clothing.

  1. Sling Back Heels


Do you want to look elegant? Choose a sling back heels. With rights that are not too high with a rope on the back, you will not be afraid of falling and injury.

  1. Platform Heels


What distinguishes these shoes with other high heels is a shoe base that is wider and thicker. Maybe, this is the reason why many consider these heels to be comfortable.

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