Women’s Bags that are Popular in Summer 2019

Not only clothes are the main attraction in a runway, but accessories such as bags are also an important part of fashion trends. Yup! This time Femalinea will discuss several types of bags which will to be booming in the summer of 2019. Check it out!

  1. Alexa Chung Bag



For those of you summer vibes lovers, this Woven Bag can be one of your options for traveling. In addition to the unique material and shape, this bag is also eco friendly. This bag is perfect for carrying to the beach, its shape is large and wide. A touch of a maroon red scarf can beautify the bag.

  1. Burbery


Burbery pulled out a collection of bags that didn’t lose as cool. As we know, right now Waist Bag is being blown away. Different from Waist Bag which is now more stylish, Burbery’s Waist Bag is more formal and classic.

  1. Victoria Beckham


For you classic lovers, this Flip Leather Bag has never gone out of style! This very classic collection of bags with soft colors will be the most hits bag in the spring of 2019. This bag is also suitable for use in all types of events and all ages.

  1. Roxanda


This type of bag is perfect for those of you who want to look different than usual. This bag can be an inspiration for you to be different. The shape of an unusual strap from a bag is generally a very unique ring shape. The combination with the color of the bag is very suitable, looks classic but unique.

  1. Coach


Backpack from Coach is very suitable to be used to go to the office, the materials and models are very simple with pastel colors that match with any outfit but still cool. For those of you who don’t really want to look feminine, this backpack can be one of your choices in the summer.

  1. Simon Rocha


Simon Rocha launched the latest model bag that is perfect for parties. The shape and design are minimalist but still beautiful, this is very suitable for you to wear to formal events. This model is very feminine. The color of the bag is also neutral, suitable to be matched with your favorite dress.

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