Women’s Fashion Trends that will Skyrocket in 2019

In 2019, Femalinea have been able to predict one or more fashion items that will be famous and popular among fashion lovers. From accessories to clothing that will make your appearance more charming.

  1. Bold Earrings


Leave the hula-hoop switch earrings with super-large earrings with geometric shapes to abstract even though they will look cool in the ear. So elegant ladies!

  1. Robes


The output that resembles a robe / coat for bathing is now a fashion must have that will be targeted next season. So let’s hunt for the chicest robes next year! So cool right!

  1. Boxy Shoulder


Clothes with super large and sturdy shoulder models have certainly become one of the most booming fashion trends next year, we guarantee 100%!

  1. Statement Sleeves


Armed tops can be ensured to be the mainstay fashion items in 2017. Ruffles, asymmetrical details and a combination of translucent materials make it perfect for a cool sleeveless top.

  1. Bustier / Corset


The new way to elevated is your basic top? The upcoming season’s bustier / corset will be the most important fashion item for your appearance and clothes. Only with layering outside clothes, voila you are ready to be different every time. It’s so stylish right!

  1. Loud Stripes


Stripes never go out of style! All stripes motif clothing comes with super large motifs from superiors and subordinates to even though the dress looks very eye-catchy it will also be hits next year. So chic guys!

  1. Pink


The pink color that impresses feminine is not always present in the girly and sweet style of next season pink transforms into a more utilitarian and edgy style. Good news for pink fans and urban women who dare to be different. It’s so sweet right!

  1. Neon


Neon is back! These yellow, orange to blinding blue eyes will be glimpsed again this year. Various fashion items come in a touch of neon colors and details that are sure to make a stylish appearance. So shining guys!

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