Makeup Trends that Will Disappear in 2019

Like a spinning wheel, the makeup trend will always change. There is a makeup trend that has been left behind, but some have survived. Following are the makeup trends that will disappear in 2019:

  1. Matte Eyeshadow


Matte eyeshadow dominates the makeup trends in 2018. But this makeup is predicted to be abandoned in 2019. But that does not mean that this matte makeup eyeshadow will really disappear this year. It’s just that some cosmetic brands will not issue a lot of matte eyeshadow products.

  1. Glass Skin


Glass skins or clear skin are loved by women in 2018. However, in 2019, this trend will be abandoned. Smooth, smooth, spotless and shiny skin trends like the reflection of glass are not only preferred by Asian women, but also Europe and America. Now, women want their skin to look more natural as it is.

  1. Pastel Makeup


The soft and cheerful hue of pastel makeup is very popular because it is suitable for various occasions. Unfortunately, this pastel make up trend won’t last until next year. We will move back to a richer and more luxurious hue.

  1. Ultra-Dewy Makeup


The face always looks moist, healthy and bright, shining is also a trend that is liked by women throughout 2018. The results of dewy makeup look very moist, smooth and healthy, giving the impression of a younger and brighter face. But this make up trend will fade in 2019. Maybe we should reduce the dewy effect and replace it with a slightly matte look.

  1. Short Finger Nails


Long finger nails begin to look up at the end of 2018. This can be seen in the models that have run various fashion shows in the past few months. Short-cut finger nail trends will be eliminated in 2019. For the next trend are long nails with box shapes such as crates along with appropriate nail arts.

  1. Matte Lipstick


Matte lipstick and liquid lipstick that are very popular, have shocked the world of beauty. Both are like staples in every beauty bag and every beauty addict. But you have to be willing to leave that trend in 2019 and welcome the appearance of more shiny and shiny lips.

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