Most Amazing Women’s Fashion Trends in 2019

Fashion trends are always changing and become a reference for fashion to change appearance. Last year’s fashion trend was dominated by a unique and simple Korean trend. Entering 2019 women’s fashion style will be dominated by the 80 era style. Here are some fashion trends that are booming this year.

  1. Sabrina


Sabrina is not a new style in the fashion world. But this year there will be many modifications to the clothes of this model. This dress model gives the impression of being fashionable for you to stay. You add necklace accessories to your style or according to the color of the clothes to make it sweeter.

  1. Motorbike Gang


Starting from a black leather jacket like a motorcycle gang, leather pants, so that the boots that are usually worn by motorcycle gangs can you add to your outfit list. Don’t be afraid to look tomboy, because you can mix and match these leather jackets to look chic.

  1. Words


T-shirts with interesting slogans are indeed being hit in recent years. One of the slogans “Don’t delay to have it, friend!”. So stylish right!

  1. Sporty Look


In this year the sporty look is becoming a trend, for sports lifestyles for women like Gym and yoga. Fashion items that are inspired by the style of clothing used by athletes, ranging from training pants, jackets to sports shirts.

  1. Colorful Stripes


This one motif will never make your appearance wrong. The best-selling stripes in the 80s. You can look slimmer with striped motifs that are more colorful. So wonderful!

  1. White Shirt Dresses


White is indeed very neutral so that it can easily be combined with other colors. By using white clothes, women will look more shiny and attract more attention. So simple right!

  1. Khaki & Military Jackets


The color of the khaki and military jacket is inseparable. Because military jackets are usually khaki in color. This color is very soft but strong and makes you look bolder. It’s so cool!

  1. Boys Meet Girls


This fashion is usually used more often by tomboyish girls. This fashion that combines women’s and men’s clothing usually makes you look more masculine but still cool. It’s so nice!

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