Smart Fashion Tips & Tricks for Short Women

Many girls who want to have a tall body like catwalk models. Having a short body does have to be able to deal with it with appearance. So, if your body is not high enough, try reading the tips on dress style below so that you don’t get the wrong style and be more confident.

  1. Be careful with hot pants!


You have to avoid pants that are above the ankles because it will make you look more miniature. Although the pants can make you more fashionable, but the illusion that is produced will make your body shorter.

  1. Smart in mix & match colors, don’t choose contrasting colors


If you wear bright-colored tops, don’t wear pants or skirts with bright colors too. You can wear dark colored pants or skirts. But if you wear dark colored pants or skirts, you also have to wear dark colored shoes.

  1. Avoid big clothes and accessories


A big T-shirt or blouse will make you look smaller. This principle also applies to bags. Big bags can hold lots of things, but these items can make you look smaller.

  1. Wear V-neck shirt and vertical accessory


Accentuating the neck when dressing will give the impression of a long, slender body. You can try wearing a shirt with a V-neck collar! If you wear a blazer or cardigan, don’t close the buttons.

  1. Don’t hesitate to wear vertical-patterned clothes


Vertical patterned clothes are mandatory clothing so you can look taller. You also have to avoid horizontal and polka-dot motif clothing, because it can make your body look wider and rounder.

  1. High heels certainly make you look more slender


High heels can make your body look taller. Wearing high heels is the fastest and easiest way. Besides being able to make the body look taller, high heels can also make your body look slimmer.

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