Women’s Fashion Tricks to make You Look Taller

There are several ways that can be replicated so you can look taller. There are still many women who are not satisfied because they have a short or tiny body. They are confused about choosing clothes that are suitable for use. But don’t worry! You can easily get around your body to look tall with some of the following ways of dressing.

  1. Use High Waist Bottoms


Do you want to look tall? Don’t choose the pants you want to wear. Choose a model of high waist pants or skirts. Models like this will make the impression of the waist more above and will create your body that looks taller than the original.

  1. Maxi Dress


Maxi dress is more often used by you who are tall. But for those of you who are short-bodied using maxi dress is not prohibited, as long as you choose the right motif. The line motif can make you look tall and choose monochrome colors.

  1. Choose Flared Jeans


For those of you who are short-bodied, these flared jeans are the best choice. Because it will make you look tall. Avoid using skinny jeans.

  1. Avoid Wear Clinging Pants


Never try to wear this! This model of pants should be avoided by those of you who are short. Because it will make you shorter. Use your pants to cover your ankles, which will make your legs look long.

  1. Dark Color Clothes


Black is the favorite color for most people. Because the effects can make your body look slim and sleek. In addition, dark colors also create a sturdy and tall silhouette for those of you who are short in stature.

  1. Avoid Large Bags


Bags are accessories that are never separated from a woman. Whatever the show, we must bring this thing. Choosing a bag that is too large will make your body look short. So, choose a small bag so that your body also looks high.

  1. Use V-Necks Tops


Choose a V-necked boss, because it will make your neck look long so it makes you look tall. You can combination with pants with high waist models. You look so stylist!

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