Fashion Inspirations use Hat from Kate & Meghan

Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle have many similarities. The two of them are Prince Kingdom’s wives who are social, inspiring, smart and also have a high interest in fashion. One display of the fashion style that they often wear is outfits with hat accessories. The following are some of the hat styles from The Duchess of Cambridge and The Duchess of Sussex.

  1. Looks Bright with Panama Hat


Style with Panama Hat which is often worn by Meghan Markle. This hat is one of the favorite items of Prince Harry’s wife. For this one style, Meghan looks bright with a blue stripe shirt and simple but charming white pants.

  1. Look Chic Like a Cowboy


Kate appeared in accordance with the theme at the event she attended, namely rodeo. For a cowboy hat style, a combination of a transparent white blouse and jeans is the choice of the mother of three children.

  1. Panama Hat and Long dress


For the feel of the holiday, you can check Meghan’s style that appears with this one white dress. The simple appearance of the dress looks more charming and sweet with the addition of Panama Hat.

  1. Chocolate Shades


Suede style was chosen by Kate for the style of this one-shirt outfit layering shirt and sweater. This time, boots are chosen as footwear. She also uses Jackets, bags and brown hats.

  1. Black Hat and Jacket


While wearing a denim shirt and jeans, Meghan added a jacket and black baseball cap to make her casual appearance more subtle.

  1. Newsboy Cap and Sweater


You can also try Kate’s style with jeans combined with turtleneck collar sweaters and jackets. While the newsboy cap, which is synonymous with vintage style, makes Kate’s appearance more attractive.

  1. Beanie Hat


The military green jacket for Meghan’s style looks boyish and cool, especially after adding a beanie hat. The shirt with a red pattern behind the jacket also looks matching.

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