Women’s Fashion Inspirations Use Crop Top

Now, the crop-top is a basic shirt that almost all women have. With shorter cuts than standard shirts, crop-top can make you look taller, and look slimmer. Then how do you mix-match crop-top so that you are not boring with your style? Check it out!

  1. Pair Motif and Plain Cloth


If you want to use a pattern top, it’s better to choose plain pants or skirts, and vice versa. This method can prevent you from looking too much. It’s so amazing ladies!

  1. Boyfriend Jeans


One of the most classic ways to look stylish with your crop-top is by matching it with your boyfriend jeans. This will make you tomboy and rock n roll. So great guys!

  1. Span Skirt


You can also eat a tight span skirt to complete your crop-top. By using a span skirt, you can highlight your waist and hips rather looking tempting. If you want to look sexy, you can wear a tight crop top. It’s so sexy ladies!

  1. Cargo Pants


One of the long-buried fashion trends is now starting to look for ways to come back. Cargo pants is one of the trends of men’s clothing that eventually attracted women too. With its loose bends, these cargo pants are very suitable to be paired with a slightly tight crop-top. So simple guys!

  1. Sleeveless Jacket


For a sweeter and more casual look, you can use a loose crop-top as an outfit from a sleeveless jumpsuit. This will make your jumpsuit look more casual and relaxed for daily hangouts. It’s so sweet right!

  1. Leather Jacket


To achieve a more bossy impression with classy tomboys, you can match your crop top with a leather jacket. You can follow this Victoria Secret style! So rock yeahh!

  1. Long Coat


You can also use long coat as an outer for your crop-top. With this style, you will also look more classy and look more formal. So stylish ladies!

  1. Women Suit


You can come to the office with a pair of women’s suits with crop-top as its basic. Guaranteed you will look smart and elegant. Maybe your boss will be interested in you. So cool right!

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