Runway Women’s Hairstyle Trends in 2019

We must admit that runway is one of the determinants of the development of a trend, whether it’s clothing or hair. We managed to gather various runway hair inspirations from a fashion week event that you can inspire. Check it out!

  1. Micro Bangs


Micro bangs hair style that has a sci-fi impression is suitable for you who want to look edgy with long hair. The cool thing about this combination of hairstyles is the cool contrast. The micro bangs model is suitable for those of you who have a long face, and are very flattering for those of you who have a triangular or oval face.

  1. Variation of Braids


It is predicted that tight braids such as boxer braids and cornrow will be more popular next year. 2019 is the year of texture. This tight braid hairstyle will highlight facial features perfectly by providing a fairly strong texture.

  1. Short Hair Variations


Beach waves in short hair are to be popular until next year. In addition to bob hairstyles, pixie cut hairstyles won’t leave the list of favorite hairstyles. There are various ways to produce textures in short hair.

  1. Hijab Style


You can try a modern hijab model that is styled like a side flip like this. You can also try modern hijab styles that are quite complicated like this. Femalinea is sure you will dare to try it!

  1. Hair accessories


You should try starting a collection of hair accessories that can free you from saturation. Hair accessories are also a trend in world fashion week. You can try giving a headband for your hair. Using a headband like this will give you a cool 80’s impression.

  1. Sleek Knotted Hair


Even though texture is the main theme next year, the phenomenon of messy hairstyles will diminish. It’s time for a sleek hairstyle that will become popular. Standard low ponytail with hair band feels so last year! We will enter an era where ponytails must to be more sleek, fresh and modern.

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