Anti-Hot Women’s Hairstyles that Make You Cool

To deal with the hot weather of your chosen hairstyle, it’s not just a ponytail model, you can imitate the anti-hot hair style insomnia that you can rely on during your vacation. There are still many styles besides ponytails inspired by Hollywood celebrities that can keep you productive in the heat!

  1. Boyfriend bob


The first recommendation is a short, chic hairstyle. This short-cut short bob model is quite popular and still trendy today. Do you want to try it? You can cut the hair parallel to the bottom of the ear to reinforce the shape of her slightly boyish hair.

  1. Twisted ponytail


This simple and sexy twisted ponytail style can make you look playful and elegant at the same time. This variation of ponytail is also suitable for just leaking on the beach to a romantic dinner at a fancy restaurant.

  1. Cornrow


Cornrow is a braid style that has been around for a long time and this Hollywood idol managed to make it look more modern. This anti-heat braid style is suitable for you who have short and thick hair.

  1. Top knots


Top knots look elegant because the models is sleek. The key to this style of hair is straight and clean hair so that the results are maximal when laid out in a high bun model.

  1. Blunt bob


Blunt bob hairstyles have become a trend this year. Even this one rapper did not miss a try!

  1. Messy bun


As we know that Arya Stark in the TV series Game of Thrones has round and tiny face. Round face shape is also suitable for creating hair bun models, one of which is messy bun. So cool right!

  1. Pixie cut


The eldest daughter of actor Die Hard is daring to be different with her short haircut. If you are a loyal reader of All Things Hair, surely you already know that pixie cut is one of our favorite short hairstyles.

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