Best Hairstyle Inspirations from Crazy Rich Asians Movie

The film Crazy Rich Asians is played by all Asian-blooded actresses, both newcomers and seniors. The film, based on the book by Kevin Kwang, is a romantic skit, and is not only awaited by readers of the book, but all Asians in the world. Here are some inspirational hairstyles from the film actress.

  1. Straight hairstyle


The main character (who plays Rachel Chu) in the Crazy Rich Asians movie decided to look classic with sleek straight hair.

  1. Classic wavy


Have black and thick hair? Try this classic long wavy hairstyle a cast of this Peik Lin Goh character! This large curly style gives the impression of glamour and thicker hair.

  1. Soft wave bob


Organizing thick shoulder length hair like the character actor Astrid Young Teo might be difficult, because if you curl it too intensely, the hair will expand too much. Hair that is too curly and expands to the side will make the face look round.

  1. Faux hawk


The legend looks cool with a faux hawk hairstyle! After printing the history of the film with Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, this 56-year-old senior actress from Malaysia returned to appear cool in the Crazy Rich Asians movie!

  1. Retro curly bob


Do you know the difference between vintage and retro? This hairstyle includes the typical retro style of pin up girl, with bangs painted outwards. This style is perfect for short bob hair!

  1. Choppy bob


There are many ways to arrange bob hair with curly style. In addition to the retro curly style that was previously described, you can try the modern choppy bob style.

  1. Loose wave


To get a loose wave hair style like this, you can use the blow dry technique. If you have to move all day, you can clamp your hair by rolling it up. This is the most reliable hair hack in creating an effortless curly style.

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