Anti-Dandruff Hairstyle Inspirations for Women

Appearing confident in all kinds of hairstyles is a must! Aside from the face, hair is also the first thing your interlocutor sees. Brace yourself, because ‘winter’ is postponed! When your hair is dandruff free, we are sure that you will like some modern hairstyles that are a favorite of Femalinea in this article.

  1. Double ponytail


A double ponytail haircut like this is a modern way to upgrade your horse ponytail style more coolly. This wrapped up ponytail style makes you like tying your hair with your own hair. With a healthy scalp, you don’t need to hesitate to split your hair in two.

  1. Half up-do


This half up-do hairstyle is not as extreme as a braid style, but if you have dandruff, a back comb style like this will show you quite clearly.

  1. Pigtails braids


Short or medium hair has limitations in matters of arrangement. But you can try braid style like this! This style of pigtails is woven with a sweet braid hairstyle. The braids are woven very close to the scalp.

  1. Messy bun


Messy Bun hairstyle is a versatile hairstyle because it can adapt to all situations. Maybe you should retouch this hairstyle several times when it starts to disorganize.

  1. Split crown braid


This braid style is quite experimental and creative! At least you have to master basic braid techniques to try it. Of course you also need to have dandruff-free scalp! So simple right!

  1. Upside down braided ponytail


If the style of cornrow or French braid has become your daily food, try an inverted braid style like this! You can call this style “upside down braid ponytail”. The braid technique uses the Dutch braid style.

  1. Ponytail with scarf accent


If your ponytail style is plain and boring, try using a hair scarf! Hair scarf is very beautiful, but its use can draw focus on the top of your head. With a healthy scalp, you will be more confident in trying this hairstyle. So cute guys!

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